Circuit Camping

Secure your spot at Circuit Camping de Elta!

 Pop-up Camping de Elta is the ultimate place to stay for groups of friends, family, or even with your loved ones. It’s a fantastic weekend at Pop-up Camping de Elta with affordable camping spots equipped with all facilities.

Circuit Camping de Elta also serves as the perfect base for even more excitement:


✅ The Beach!

✅ Zandvoort: Where the race weekend is naturally lively and enjoyable!

✅ Bloemendaal aan Zee: Where beach clubs host amazing parties.

✅ The charming city center of Haarlem.

✅ And even Amsterdam is just a 20-minute train ride away.



At our campsite, you only pay for your camping spot, but you get so much more in return! Secure your spot at Circuit Camping de Elta!

The Zandvoort Grand Prix will take place from August 22th to August 25th, 2024. Check out the camping spots we offer below. Be quick, as they are selling out fast!

✅ Beautiful location adjacent to the dune area of Zandvoort

✅ Within cycling distance of the circuit, the beach, Bloemendaal aan ✅ Zee, Zandvoort, and the center of Haarlem

✅ Bicycles available for rent on-site

✅ Open from Thursday, August 22th, 14:00, until Monday, August 26th, 12:00

✅ Clean and hygienic sanitary facilities

✅ Continuous presence of security, first aid, and campsite management throughout the day.


Due to the ideal location of the campsite, the circuit is easily accessible by bike. Because of the heavy traffic with shuttle buses and public transportation, this is the fastest way to reach the Grand Prix. We offer electric bike that bring you within 25 min. to the circuit.